Grab a chance to create a better world by providing gift of education.

Be the changemaker!

1). We are the World’s First Digital School

2). We provide global curriculum from K-5 and lots of extra-curricular learning

3). Self-motivating game-based learning platform

4). Free education for underprivilege kids

5). For every $3 the sponsors spend we educate and provide report also

6). Most effective and innovative way to sponsor education

7). Proper utilization of funds

1). Parents of underprivilege children will download the game

2). Sign up for their respective grade

3). Apply for free education in game

4). Child will get register and appear on our website as a beneficiary

5). Sponsorer can choose beneficiary from the list and pay

6). After payment email will be sent to child's parent

7). After one month, reminder will be sent along with the report card.

8). If child performs well sponsor can pay for next month

1). Free education from a kind sponsorer

2). Access to the new era of education

3). Opportunity to learn in an interactive & challenging way

4). Progress and grow mentally as per global standards

5). Track their development progress

1). Opportunity to provide gift of education to the needy children

2). Personalized appreciation

3). Chance to choose the beneficiary

4). A detailed report card of the beneficiary sponsored