We understand your concerns as parents & we are here to help you clear all your doubts about the KITMEK world.
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Technical Assistance:

Is the game available on IOS?

It will be available soon


How many classmates will my child have in their class?

Every class has a maximum of 9 students.

What will be my child's study hours?

It depends on you and your child. Your child can enter the KITMEK island any time. For the best results we recommend a minimum of 2 hours of study and fun.

What subjects will my child be learning?

Kindergarten, 1st & 2nd grade will consist of subjects like English, Maths & Science.

3rd, 4th & 5th grade will consist of subjects like English, Maths, Environmental science & Social studies.

What are the fun activities available on the KITMEK island?

KITMEK includes activities like an Amusement park, Live concert venue, and Shopping mall.

Are communication skills a part of the curriculum?

Yes, communication skills a part of the curriculum.

Game play:

Does my child need to be online to play and learn in KITMEK?

No, being online is not necessary. You can download lessons from the classroom section in the game and learn while offline. You can only not play with your friends offline.

Can my child play with his/her friends?

Yes, if your child’s friends have the game, they can meet and play in the KITMEK world.

How can I add my child's friends to the Island?

All you need to do is invite their friends.

Will there be ads while my child plays the game?


Impact measures:

How can I track my child's progress?

You can go to the report section to track your kid’s progress.

Have more questions? Write us at info@kitmek.com

KITMEKFounded in 2020, KITMEK is a developer of educational metaverses that offers infinite fun and learning for kids.


Powered by Unreal Engine

Powered by Unreal Engine