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KITMEK is the WORLD’S FIRST DIGITAL SCHOOL. Made on Unreal Engine 5 which brings forward a new era of education. It features 800+ lessons,a global curriculum that has been carefully designed by curriculum experts. In our classrooms, AI-based teachers interact with students. It is a secure and distinctive platform wherein a kid can learn through gamification. A child becomes independent and self-driven in our holistic ecosystem. KITMEK is a fantastic platform for kids to use to make learning enjoyable, interesting, and effective. With the use of this technology, we want to educate the world

In To The Game

Welcome to KITMEK University

Step into a world of nonstop learning, imaginative lessons and round the clock fun. Kitmek offers interactive lessons and a fun & immersive way to learn. Hop into a classroom in the KITMEK University and start learning in a new way!

Advanced AI Classrooms

AI teachers, interactive lesson plans, 3D objects and all the tools kids need to excel in class are available at KITMEK. Learning is interactive and packed with activities to boost interest and study time. Your child's progress is monitored at KITMEK individually.

Amusement park

A joyful, enjoyable, and thrilling place where your youngsters can enjoy all the amazing rides in our amusement park. Our amusement park has seven marvellous rides, including roller coasters, bumper cars, a huge ferris wheel, and more, all of which may be accessed by earning points in the classrooms.

Musical Concert for kids

Let the DJ spin some boot-scootin scootin' boogie music. With interactive tunes and lots of moves, your child may showcase their best dance moves. With the points they earn from classes and tests, kids can choose and purchase their favourite dance moves.

Kids Shopping Mall

A place where kids may buy things like robots, pets, dancing moves, avatars, and clothing. No real money is required; just KITMEK points can be used to make purchases in the mall. Visit the Kitmek mall and download the game right away.

Extra-curricular activities

KITMEK has extra-curricular skills which are a set of basic skills acquired through learning and/or direct life experience that enables an individual and groups to effectively deal with issues and problems encountered in everyday life.

Choose your Avatars

Your youngster can select from a variety of avatars and outfits depending on how he or she is feeling. Kids can choose from a variety of suits that can only be purchased with KITMEK points to wear to class. Your children can unlock more avatars the more they study.

What we provide


See It First In The KITMEK Metaverse

Global curriculum

Kitmek offers a meticulously curated global curriculum for kindergarten to grade 5 which is an amalgamation of ICSE, IB, CBSE & State Board. It has 800+ lessons which include counting, maths, geometry, science, environmental science, and English Language. Let the fun and learning begin for your child in a kid-friendly interactive online classroom!

Self motivated learning

KITMEK takes advantage of new-age learning technology to get kids involved and excited to learn. Gamified learning is used by KITMEK to help students become self-motivated learners, increase lesson retention, memory capacity, and conceptual understanding.

Personalized learning environment

Individual focus is important for kids to thrive in any learning environment. KITMEK has interactive AI teachers who follow your child’s development and provide customised lesson plans in response to help them score higher. Your child will receive a supportive environment at KITMEK where their educational needs come first.

Learn at your own pace

With the assistance of renowned child psychologists and other specialists, we created KITMEK to accommodate each kid’s individual pace of learning. We at KITMEK want your child to advance in their academics with a firm understanding of the principles, without being hurried and with the time to process and implement each lesson.

Join your buddies while studying online

Thousands of kids from around the globe come to the KITMEK universe to simultaneously study, explore, and create. Since everything on KITMEK is real-time, your child can arrange meetings and group studies with friends digitally and from any location. Your children can learn and play online at KITMEK with buddies.

Works without internet

KITMEK is an interactive ecosystem on your phone that is accessible even when your child is offline. KITMEK classrooms have lessons stored in compact files that do not take up much space on your device and can be accessed even when your phone is not connected to the internet. Because learning at KITMEK is non-stop.

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KITMEKFounded in 2020, KITMEK is a developer of educational metaverses that offers infinite fun and learning for kids.


Powered by Unreal Engine

Powered by Unreal Engine