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KITMEK is Changing The Way Kids Learn

KITMEK is a bubbly metaverse where kids study and learn in an online classroom with AI teachers, robots & resources. In KITMEK every day is a learning adventure that will raise your child’s intelligence and report card scores in school. Turn your kid into a KITMEK scholar today!


Bringing AI technology
& newage teaching to
the virtual classroom



Rethinking the education
experience & making
learning fun



By a organising global
curriculum on one
knowledge-sharing platform

One Step Closer To The Future Of Education

We began our quest as game developers with the knowledge that a child’s imagination is an indication of intelligence. While knowledge comes from books, creativity is boundless. That’s why we paired the two together to create KITMEK. It’s a metaverse where your child’s imagination leads them to intelligence.

Founded in 2019, KITMEK is a developer of educational metaverses that offers infinite fun and learning for kids. What we think is ordinary is a universe of curiosity for kids. That’s why we created an online educational island that encourages your child to imagine, learn more, work harder and raise their grades.

See It First In The KITMEK Metaverse

A Fun Classroom Metaverse For Kids

850+ classroom lessons from Kindergarten to Grade 5. Lessons include counting, math, geometry, science, environmental science, social studies and English Language. Let the fun and learning begin!

Your Child Will Want More!

Conceptualized with the help of leading child psychologists to create a learning platform which is not only fun, but also improves a child’s overall development & intelligence.

New Surprises Every Day

Out of this world landscapes and environments for your kid! We add cool and new objects to our little metaverse regularly. A variety of new things to experience!

No real money needed

The KITMEK Metaverse is ad free and does not require any money for making purchases. Skins, avatars, amusement rides etc can only be bought with game points which your child collects via participating quizzes in the classrooms.

Safety while kids explore

KITMEK is a safe metaverse that is specially designed for kids. All our content is created by child experts who understand their learning & development needs. When your child is in the KITMEK Metaverse, their safety online is one less worry for you!

Anand Kaidan


“We are Bringing the positive changes”

“When the digital world has taken over our lives, it’s natural to wonder what Influence it will have on our kids’ lives. KITMEK is started with an endeavor to revolutionize how our kids will interact with media and technology. It aims to provide a safe place for our inquisitive young minds to explore and learn with friends. To find their motivation in our meticulously curated world. I find my passion at the meeting point of being a concerned father and a responsible son. The values and virtues I have learned in my life are based on foundations of love, trust & compassion. I want the world to have the essence of these virtues for a better future.”

KITMEKFounded in 2020, KITMEK is a developer of educational metaverses that offers infinite fun and learning for kids.


Powered by Unreal Engine

Powered by Unreal Engine