Concept Artist - KITMEK
Job Description: Concept Artist

Working as a concept artist, you’ll apply imagination and artistic skill to create images of people, creatures, places and moods. Working briefly, you’ll provide sketches of what characters and environments might look like. Any project involving a visual story may require a concept artist, so you can work across many areas of visual media, such as animation, comic books and films.


  • Create quick and detailed drawings and paintings of environments, characters, buildings, vehicles, and props (including the creation of thumbnails and wireframes).
  • Use traditional and technological approaches to create designs in 2D and 3D through drawing and painting.
  • Efficiently interpret briefs.
  • Explain and pitch your ideas clearly to the client and design team.
  • Respond positively to client feedback.
  • Adapt and refine your work based on client response.
  • Maintain good communication with the client.
  • Be confident using creative programs and technologies e.g. Photoshop, Maya, Painter, and SketchUp.
  • Research topics and information for points of reference and ideas to use in your designs.
  • Create specification sheets, accurately noting dimensions and details for others to follow.
  • Meet strict deadlines.


  • Impeccable understanding and ability in artistic fundamentals – such as perspective, composition, color and light theory, form, shape, and texture.
  • Excellent time management skills, sketch and adapt images quickly within tight deadlines – if you fall behind in your schedule, the entire project will be delayed.
  • Strong communication skills to pitch and describe your concepts.
  • Research skills and an exceptional imagination to create images of people and places that don’t yet exist.
  • Outstanding technical abilities, especially in creative programs and software, as you’ll be creating and refining images digitally as well as by hand.
  • Resilience to receive constant feedback and adapting your work based on the client and director’s views.
  • The ability to work well in a team as part of the wider design process, as well as being able to work independently and self-motivate to keep on top of deadlines.
  • Excellent attention to detail.

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